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No matter where asbestos, lead or other hazardous waste is found on your property, SafeCore Environmental will arrange to have it removed safely,
legally & economically.

A Better Way!

Santa Fe Construction Co., Inc. dba SafeCore Environmental was founded in 2005 by G. J. Martin, who up to that time had twenty plus years of experience dealing with asbestos abatement projects as the client.

G.J. Martin believed there had to be a better way to run abatement projects, so he founded SafeCore Environmental in order to establish safer and better working conditions for his workers and more transparent deals for his clients.

Why Choose Us

We care about our clients, sub-contractors, workers and the most important environment of all: Your Environment.

We are constantly striving to provide better and more efficient engineering controls; we ensure our employees and sub-contractors are well trained; our equipment up-to-date and well maintained, and we keep abreast of the latest environmental regulations.

We never take short-cuts; we provide excellent work at reasonable rates. We are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to serve and provide value to our clients.

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Asbestos, lead, lead-based paints, PCBs, oils, hazardous chemicals and materials need to be removed from your property and disposed of properly because these dangerous materials pose a very real health threat to you and your family, your friends, employees, customers, visitors, tenants and neighbors.